Personalize Your Piano

A bespoke experience while personalizing your Lucid grand piano. Over 3 million combination options are available:

  different wood type veneers for the Rim or the Belt in the Lucid iDyllic Excellence piano model and also different colors, which could be selected from the extensive RAL color chart for the Rim or the Belt in

the Lucid iDyllic Excellence model

  • the cast iron plate can be any RAL color but can be speciallyelectroplated in: Chromed Silver, true to live 18 kt Gold, Rose Gold,Titanium, Satin Gold, Copper or the standard Brass Gold finish
  • extensive color choice for the soundboard: from varnished wood to anyRAL color
  • hardware parts like hinges, supporting rod, wheels and pedals (usuallybrass, chrome, rose gold but other colors available as well),
  • LED illumination
  • Besides personalizing your Lucid Piano we can place a name or title onyour personalized grand piano, even having your name embroidered on the leather rim of the PH Design piano.

Our design team is open to your creative suggestions.
At Blüthner Pianoforte Fabrik, Lucid Pianos haven’t come across something that couldn’t not be done as of yet.

With Blüthner ́s artisans our clients have shared some of the most creative design choices, making their piano a truly Unique and personalized Grand Piano



Different wood type veneers for the Rim or the Belt in the Lucid iDyllic Excellence piano model and likewise different colors, which could be selected from the extensive RAL color chart for the Rim or the Belt in the Lucid iDyllic Excellence model

Piano Wrap: Panoramic or Extreme

Sky is the limit for your Panoramic or Extreme Lucid Pianos edition: An extensive choice of paintings of your favorite artist, panoramic views, landscapes, family images all will come to live by fully wrapping your grand piano or have the images exposed on the Rim.

Gold, Silver Leaf or Swarovski Finish

The ultimate luxury: a 24k Gold or Silver Leaf, or Swarovski Stones Custom Piano.

Interior 1: The Cast Iron Frame

Make the interior match or contrast with the exterior. The ultimate luxury: 18kt Gold look a like Frame. Other options like Chromed Silver, Rose Gold, Titanium, Satin Gold, Copper or the standard Brass Gold finish are available upon request.

Interior 2: The Soundboard

Make the Soundboard match or contrast with the Cast Iron Frame. An extensive color choice for the soundboard: from light to dark varnished wood to any RAL color


Choose a unique design for the lid that can be matched to your interior. NEW: the Monarch Butterfly Lid. see more

Piano Legs

You might be surprised how a different set of piano legs can change a look of a piano. 

LED Illumination

LED illumination with full Rainbow colors is available on most custom-built Lucid grand pianos. Indivisible to an eye, LED lights bring a new dimension of ambiente to your music room.


A selection of special upholstered Lucid designer ́s benches are available for your personalized piano. see more

The Players System

Your virtual pianist 24/7
The exciting thing about this system is that technology has developed to provide quality music production.


The magic is what happens next. Because of the location of the mechanism you can play the piano while it is playing itself, too! In other words – you can duet with ‘yourself’ or rather with your piano. You can also record on top of the pre- recorded track making piano duets, two-piano concerti and all sorts of wonderful chamber music come to live in your own living room. And of course if you don’t play the instrument you can enjoy the thousands of titles that are available on the PianoMation app. New tracks are added all the time so you will never run out of the exiting new music to listen to and marvel at. Self playing piano is a focal point of your home – it will gather the family and friends and turn any party into a wonderland! Whether you play your baby grand piano yourself or just enjoy music it will transform your home into the one from fairytales.


Self-playing pianos have become exceedingly popular in recent years as the WIFI technology evolved to the current level of sophistication so that one can easily and seamlessly activate the wonder of self playing piano. The vision of a baby grand beginning to play all by itself simply never gets old. You and your friends can share your musical favorites by a touch of any device and the piano will perform for you. You can also ‘invite’ the titans of piano world into your home and have a private performance by the likes of Horowitz, Rubinstein and Chick Corea. Self playing mechanism is integrated to seamlessly and discreetly that it will never interfere with playing piano in a traditional way. If fact you will never even know that out grand piano have a self playing components. The latest developments in technology make playing pianos interactive and fun whether you are a beginner, an amateur or a professional. For a composer it opens up creative possibilities that otherwise would require a whole studio to be available.


If you do have music loving friends then you are sure in for a treat. The extensive library of accompaniments will make your self playing piano a single most fun place to be around – and many a song will be sung! For children who are taking piano lessons it can also provide a remarkable tool of education. For piano students this new generation of self playing features provides an opportunity to record yourself and listen to playback so you can self correct or send it to your teacher for feedback. When you get a self playing practice bundle it also gives you an option of silent practicing which is a tremendous benefit in urban environments wherein noise levels and neighbors might be an issue.

Today’s player piano systems are marvels that capture the finest details of the live performance and are able to reproduce it almost identically.

QRS PNOmation state-of-the-art system utilized Direct WiFi (StandAlone mode) making internet connection irrelevant (the piano essentially has its own WiFi network) as well as Bluetooth connectivity to any device (any OS) which makes 3rd party apps seamlessly integrated with your piano – from YouTube and Finale to Garage Band.
Imagine your grand piano having its own computer brain. It also has full integration with Alexa and Apple Watch so you can talk to your piano. Log on as if it is in StandAlone mode, great for Wi-Fi client setup, loss of internet and any other access without an internet connection. In StandAlone mode you can communicate with multiple players or pianos on a network, choose auto updates, auto PNOcloud and PNOmation Cloud backups as well as smart home integration. Works simultaneously with the Wi-Fi Direct mode.
Additional features include Bluetooth Audio In – stream content to the
system with QRS’s secure AMI signal making it possible to watch what your piano plays in real time on any device.


Lucid Pianos uses only the very best of the player pianos evolution: PNOmation (PianoMation) system.

PianoMation can be installed on a large format uprights 124cm (=49’) and 132cm(= 52’) and all baby grand and grand pianos.
Blüthner Pianoforte Factory will pre-load your self-playing piano with the entire QRS music library which includes thousands of titles of all varieties. You would be able to immerse yourself in myriad of different genres and learn and play a great deal of piano repertory.
The cost of a self-playing system installation is 11.450 € on any Lucid grand piano and baby grand piano models (also selected uprights). Whatever self- playing bundle you decide on will include iPad with all necessary apps. Price does vary based on the type of bundle you choose and if you require further technological customization.

QRS PNOmation

PNOmation is designed to support the evolutions of its technology and therefore ensures that all subsequent upgrades to the system will have full integration capacity. This forward thinking guarantees that you will always have the latest and most advance features in the exciting world of self playing pianos.


All quality player piano systems work best if factory installed. As the elaborate mechanism it integrated seamlessly into the acoustical instrument it requires special skills and know-how of trained artisans to carry out this process. Each grand piano has different micro components, dimensions and measurements making aftermarket installation potentially less-then-optimal when it comes to delivering the best possible results.


PNOmation uses longer fully encased solenoids, which deliver better sound at soft dynamic. They are also corrosion-free and are self-lubricating. The Controller User Interface is fully integrated into the body of the grand piano (or upright) so there is no visible ‘box’ hanging anywhere on the instrument. The actual technology is seemingly simple – as all things genius. The solenoid is installed at the back of the key and the infrared optical sensor determines the velocity and speed of the impact. It simply pushes up on the key end (conversely to finger striking it downwards) which activates the hammer which strikes the string. Clearly there is much more to it than just that. In today’s self playing pianos the super computer calculates the nano-seconds’ of the action to make sure the results are indistinguishable from the live performance.

Worldwide Delivery

We use White Glove Worldwide delivery service that specializes in pianos. In case of international shipments wooden crates are used that are compliant with international rules and regulations. Pianos are typically flown by air freight and are always fully insured.

Lucid Pianos can handle all customs, import duties and final deliveries. Feel free to enquire.

Final delivery is arranged using a network of professional piano movers and piano technicians that can handle any task including the crane services to lift the piano through the window or balcony if that is deemed necessary. Our team is always present to ensure the superior quality of handling and assemblage of the piano in the final destination. Feel free to provide us with the images of the final location of your Lucid Piano and we will be happy to recommend suggested placement for the instrument. We can also provide you with more information on the long-term caring for your new and Unique Lucid Piano.

Piano Warranty

Once manufactured each of our Lucid Pianos is being shipped from the factory to the final destination. All Lucid Pianos are backed by a 5 year warranty on the piano and a 30 year warranty on the Evonik Acrylic by the Blüthner Pianoforte Fabrik.
Each piano is meticulously inspected in our factory before being crated in order to arrive in perfect condition. After the piano settles over the course of a couple of weeks after delivery, we will dispatch a professional piano technician to make sure everything is functioning perfectly.

Each and every Lucid Grand Piano is handcrafted to your personalized specifications, no matter how exquisite and demanding your requests. The Customized Variations are just an example of the possibilities.

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