Forever and a Day Pianoforte

An embodiment of luxury and futurism, Infinity has a shape like none other. Not a traditional grand piano, it is a daring example of what a contemporary piano manufacturer can create. This piano is borne of symmetry. Oversize ovals on the sides form its composite materials body. The oval shape is echoed in the design of the legs. A long and narrow music stand emphasizes horizontality, creating a T-shape with the pedal lyre’s inverted obelisk. The rectangular shape of this piano is sleek and modern, allowing the lid to be opened up directly facing the pianist. Unexpected, glamorous, and ultra-futuristic. Infinity comes with a matching custom bench.

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Each and every Lucid Grand Piano is handcrafted to your personalized specifications, no matter how exquisite and demanding your requests. The Customized Variations are just an example of the possibilities.

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