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Welcome into the universe of the most in-demand musical instrument in the world. Grand piano is staple in the concert halls and households alike all over the world. Now more than ever people gather around their grand piano to rejoice, to escape and to enrich their souls with music. Nothing brings more joy to the family and friends than a beautiful grand piano to be around. Here at Blüthner Lucid we are thrilled to give you the most dazzling grand pianos the world has ever seen! Our Blüthner Lucid Collection is a functional art as it captures the piano form in the most cutting edge and modern materials available: lucite, carbon fiber and 3D printing.

What we offer is what no other brand does: a modern and futuristic piano that is built with the integrity and quality standards of the legacy brand. Our grand pianos will take your breath away and will provide the level of exclusivity and luxury that is unsurpassed by any other piano maker.

Our grand pianos are built by legendary Blüthner whose name is known for its sound, commitment to excellence in craftsmanship. Blüthner’s distinctive singing tone that sets our grand pianos apart from any other piano.

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Luxury Grand Pianos

Lucid Elegance

An iconic grade grand piano that can be customized with the most exclusive selection of high gloss polyester colors or veneer finishes in a semi-transparent version with a matching frame and soundboard color.



A pianoforte mounted on a two-pronged metal pedestal, elegantly curved and splayed like a V-toed aeronautic sculpture. An artful combination of innovative design and revolutionary materials. The simplicity and purity of design are exemplified by this pianoforte at rest, a piece of art.


Modern Grand Pianos

Lucid EXO

Lucid Exo, the quintessence of futuristic design and craftsmanship, featuring MONAD Studio´s signature 3D forms. The radical three-dimensionally of the EXO creates a sense of futuristic opulence highlighted by the seamless, fluid elegance of the sculptural EXO skeleton that frames the Grand Piano´s instrumental core. Its radical new forms invoke a sense of arresting elegance, blending cutting-edge 3D technology with Blüthner Pianoforte Fabrik sonic expertise.


Lucid HIVE Elegance

A sophisticated tailored Glamorous Grand Piano, refined luxury, dazzling futuristic elegance and an exquisite piece of tradition.


Transparent Grand Pianos

HIVE Xtravaganza

An iconic grade Grand Piano fully customizable and manufactured by Blüthner Pianoforte Fabrik in Leipzig Germany. The exciting effort has driven Blüthner ´s imagination to a futuristic design that bustles their creative energies. The Hive Xtravaganza is for sure an assertive taste for refined luxury and futuristic elegance, escorting the unsurpassed Blüthner´s Golden Tone.


iDyllic Excellence

A fully transparent grand piano which appears to be floating, is the culmination of over 160 years of piano manufacturing and innovation by the Blüthner Pianoforte Fabrik. Up to now those claiming to have produced a fully transparent Grand piano still substituted bulky wooden support beams for acrylic beams while using countless unsightly bolts.



This unique semi-transparent grand piano features a special curved V-shape leg design that adds stability as well as modern pizazza.



Modern technology, choice materials, a touch of magic transparency, supervised manufacturing and final quality inspection by German skilled craftsmen guarantees a lasting experience of unrivalled musical excitement.


Frequently Asked Questions

Blüthner Lucid does not compromise on the quality of our pianos. Every detail, every part is made of the best materials available by the most skilled artisans. Our soundboards are made of best spruce. The body of our pianos utilizes quality materials including optional built in LED lighting. Our luxury designer models not only possess the beautiful Blüthner sound but also the most advanced technological inventions. There are very few musical instruments that combine quality and innovation like Blüthner Lucid.

Not only are we the inventors of most of technologies that allow molding of industrial grade acrylic into gentle curvatures of the piano body but we also excel at customer service offering a 30 – year warranty on the acrylic from turning yellow or opaque.

Our crystal pianos remain immaculately see-through for decades to come and we pride ourselves in delivering such quality product while pushing the boundaries of the modern design and innovation. Our grand pianos sound concert-stage ready yet we create our instruments for the individual user so they reflect your personality, lifestyle and aesthetic. Our designs are customizable so you can truly create together with us and make your piano an expression of your vision, your individuality, your dream.

Other piano manufacturers such as Yamaha, Kawai and Steinway have also delved into a custom luxury piano segment and have many fine instruments to offer in that category. However what Blüthner Lucid has created approaches the degree of modern piano building that is unmatched by any of the other legacy brands. Our pianos are both familiar and revolutionary at once.

Utilizing a fragile looking acrylic Lucid Elegance piano is a perfect hybrid of the past and the future – embodying a modern instrument with respect of the tradition and at the same time the daring of the endeavourer. Lucid Elegance represents our semi-transparent series which synergies the classical built of the grand piano with the modern twist of the transparencies and built-in lighting options.

Idyllic Excellence is the fully transparent piano that takes your breath away as it appears to levitate in the air. The most advanced technology and engineering is responsible for this instrument surpassing what one’s imagination can fathom. Whether a concert grand, a baby grand or a classic grand piano this Blüthner Lucid model is an absolute winner when it comes to innovation, technology and legacy tradition intersecting in one instrument.

Our legendary Blüthner PH piano comes in a baby grand size as well as grand and to this day remains an iconic design originally created in 1931 by Poul Henningsen. With new technologies available to us today we are able to further customize the body with exotic leathers, Swarovski crystals, larger acrylic elements and different metal finishes such are matte, 24K gold and rose gold.

Our latest creations are EXO and Enzo pianos. EXO is a vision of futurism 3D printed from aluminum. It’s stunning shape is like nothing you have ever seen. Only one will be made which offers an absolute exclusivity for the one lucky owner of this remarkable piano. Wherever EXO piano will make home those who will lay their eyes on it will not soon forget it. Enzo is a ultra minimalist piano that can be realized in a myriad of colors and textures and offers a unique, modern and lightweight grand piano that will elevate any interior it is placed into.

It’s worth noting that while our aesthetic sensibility is always in pursuit of modernizing a familiar shape of the grand piano and reimagining this iconic instrument the ‘insides’ are made by Blüthner and represent over 165+ years of performance pianos excellence. The keyboard action is responsive and fast and Blüthner’s signature tone is singing and rich. Blüthner Lucid pianos grace stages and homes, yachts and awards shows. Most of our piano models can be built in various sizes from baby grand to concert grand. Our privacy policy is iron clad therefore you can always be assured that your piano acquisition will remain private. If you are interested in a unique grand piano you can contact us here and we will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with more information and options.

Each and every Lucid Grand Piano is handcrafted to your personalized specifications, no matter how exquisite and demanding your requests. The Customized Variations are just an example of the possibilities.

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