The golden gleam of the surface elevates the gilded UPRIGHT into the realm of a treasure. The classic shape of a the Blüthner UPRIGHT piano comes alive in a new way, covered entirely by a 24K Gold leaf. The gilding of the body matches the gold of the iron plate, creating an ultimate vision in gold. Gold Leaf will astonish anyone who enters the space where it resides. Gold Leaf is available in all standard UPRIGHT piano sizes.

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Platinum leaf The absolute luxury that transcends what is thought to be possible we have Platinum. Hand-applied platinum leafing is the most precious material to cover your UPRIGHT piano with. Platinum does not tarnish over time so Platinum Leaf will bathe eternally in its silver glow. The Platinum Leaf is available in all standard UPRIGHT piano sizes. Feel free to contact us for customization options.
NEW Now available Rose gold leaf.

Each and every Lucid Grand Piano is handcrafted to your personalized specifications, no matter how exquisite and demanding your requests. The Customized Variations are just an example of the possibilities.

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