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Lucid elegance Upright

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BLACK High Polished 2

A technological masterpiece consisting of a dynamic arrangement of 88 keys, over 200 strings and well over 9,000 parts overall, it remains the undisputed ruler of all musical instruments.

All students who start playing the piano, and most people who play pianos, have little or no idea at all, what is at the ends of the keys their fingers are playing, or how the sound that resonates beneath the mostly black exterior is made.

Lucid Elegance semi transparent Upright piano will let you understand the functioning of every component hidden inside your piano and will make you enjoy the marvels of this beautiful Blüthner manufactured Pianoforte.

Lucid Elegance handcrafted semi transparent Upright Pianos come in 3 different sizes.

  • Lucid Elegance Model P116E
  • Lucid Elegance Model P122E
  • Lucid Elegance Model P132E