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3. Kandinsky

Here is where art, beauty and perfection blend.


  • Blüthner e-Klavier technology has sequenced Blüthner Model 1, Grand Concert Piano sound for their Lucid Elegance Digital Grand Piano.
  • Bluetooth is introduced so music can be played automatically from any smart device,
  • Piano performance identical as a grand piano
  • No strings no tuning and very little maintenance.
  • Customization can be changed or adapted within a couple of hours.

A Grand Piano Euphoria with the latest digital features and the Blüthner Concert Grand Piano sound.

As the highlight of the Blüthner digital piano series, the e-Klavier – Digital Grand boasts an elegant Grand Piano case fully customizable with a built-in acoustic soundboard, as well as an impressive high-end speaker system, Bluetooth connectivity and a more advanced operating concept.

Fitted with Quick-Selection buttons and an LCD display, the e-Klavier Digital Grand offers intuitive access to a wide range of features and functions. The Ivory Feel Keyboard with a graded action provides a sensitive interface to explore the featured Blüthner Model 1, Concert Grand Piano sound. The 4-speaker system features a class D amplifier, providing a premium sound experience.

The e-Klavier Digital Grand is also capable of transferring audio files from your smart phone, PC, laptop or tablet device via Bluetooth, allowing you to enjoy your music library in high quality sound. Thus, the e-Klavier Digital Grand is not only a versatile Digital Grand piano, but also your new home Hi-Fi system.