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A masterly craftsmanship, in unison with premium quality components that embrace the tonal philosophy of Blüthner, combined with the futuristic language of design, have produced the extraordinary in Piano Manufacturing Excellence:


Your future piano

The world´s most extensive selection of transparent GRAND pianos

Your Future Piano

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Lucid iDyllic Excellence

  The most dazzling vision of any piano dreamer: a fully transparent, grand piano ...
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Lucid Elegance High Gloss

The Glamorous side of elegance. A grand piano that can be customized with ...
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Blüthner Crystal PANORAMIC  DUBAI - Interior

Lucid Elegance Panoramic

Capture your favorite images in the body of this customizable instrument. A semi-transparent ...
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Hive Xtravaganza

An exciting effort that drives our imagination to a futuristic design and bustles our ...
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Elegance Sport

  Express the power of your personality with this range of bright metallic finishes ...
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Elegance Extreme

  A shrink wrapped fantasy will decorate your most sophisticated leisure space. Due to ...
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Elegance Corporate

An exchangeable front support will enhance your successful corporate image. Back ...
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3. Kandinsky


Here is where art, beauty and perfection blend. Advantages.     Blüthner e-Klavier technology ...
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BLACK High Polished 2

Lucid elegance Upright

A technological masterpiece consisting of a dynamic arrangement of 88 keys, over 200 ...
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Blüthner pianos have been exclusively manufactured in Leipzig, Germany since 1853.

Lucid-Blüthner Quality

adsLucid Pianos are a perfect addition to any sophisticated home. They combine the beauty of modern acrylic design with the excellence in performance that is expected from an instrument manufactured by Blüthner.
The craftsmanship of a Blüthner piano is unparalleled. The use of the Blüthner-patented Aliquot stringing method enhances the quality of our instruments by providing more depth to each note and creating a fuller sound. It is this stringing method that led the famous composer Tchaikovsky to exclaim: “Blüthner is the perfection of sound.”
Your Lucid Piano will have the same performance characteristics as a standard Blüthner Piano. The use of acrylic, rather than wood provides stability against humidity and brings the design into the 21st century.
Our unique designs coupled with Blüthner’s attention to detail, allows us to craft exceptional instruments that carry the name of a brand that has perfected the piano production process during its 160 years of existence.
The exceptional sound of our Lucid Piano line coupled with our newly aesthetically pleasing designs will bring much joy to your room, as a magnificent sounding instrument and a beautiful conversation piece.
Blüthner belongs to the prestigious Bund Deutscher Klavierbauer E.V. association. Blüthner’s membership to this association guarantees you production quality and product authenticity.



Blüthner is the perfection of sound.


We handcraft each Lucid Grand Piano to your personalized specifications, no matter how exquisite and demanding your requests. Here you will find just some of the possibilities. You are invited to create your own masterpiece with a wide selection of elegant and modern elements. Once you have decided which model and size is right for you, your personal representative will communicate with you to insure that all your requirements are met.

Automatic Piano Players System and LED illumination can be installed upon request.

For the Lucid iDyllic design: Please select your preferred design and personalize the color of the frame and soundboard.


As for the Lucid iDyllic wooden beams design and the Lucid Elegance veneer version please make your veneer selection:


 Click Here to make your veneer selection















How is the Lucid Piano made.

The manufacturing starts with the heating and molding of the acrylic for both the inner and the outer rim. Once the acrylic is cooled to room temperature, the supporting beams are assembled and glued in the inner rim. The soundboard and cast iron frame are then fitted on this inner rim which will support the soundboard and the frame, the basic structure of a grand piano. Blüthner´s 18 layers pin block is placed underneath the front part of the frame where the holes for the tuning pins are being drilled and installed. The frame provides the necessary strength to anchor the strings under tension. Nose bolts and perimeter bolts anchor the plate to the braces, whether wood or acrylic, and the inner rim.The piano is then being stringed using Blüthner’s patented Aliquot stringing method. Keys, hammers and piano action as a complete playing mechanism is being introduced on the key bed and placed underneath the strings.These will be adjusted and the first tuning of the piano can start. The final assembling of all parts will take place followed by the polishing of the instrument. Each Lucid Piano undergoes an exhausted quality inspection by Blüthner´s engineers before being regulated, intonated and at least some 7 more fine-tunings. Once the piano arrives in the showroom a final inspection is made prior to delivery.
Blüthner guarantees you: production quality and product authenticity.


Depending on customization the entire manufacturing process takes between 3 to 5 months. 

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